The Orion Sportscast is a platform dedicated to the fans. We want to hear from you and have your input, opinions and insights on the show. With topics ranging from The NHL, The NBA, The NFL, The MLB and much more, we promise you will come away from our show entertained and educated.

Founded of an idea to expand into the sports media market, The Orion Platform has grown and changed over the past couple of years and now has a clear direction of breaking away from the echo-chamber of typical sports media. We want to have fresh insights, new opinions and most importantly, fan interaction.

Feel free anytime to interact with us. You might even end up on the show!

About The Guys

The Orion Sports cast is presented by Josh Egan, Brandon Waterhouse and Matthew Fairclough. All of 3 of them are avid sports fans and each bring their own unique perspective with their analysis and insights into the world of sports. Follow the guys on Twitter!

Brandon Waterhouse

Matthew Fairclough

Josh Egan