The Orion Sportscast is a platform dedicated to the fans. With 3 shows covering Hockey, Basketball and Professional wrestling, we have something for everyone.

Founded by Josh Egan and Brandon Waterhouse, 2 sports management students from Humber College, The Orion Sportscast aims to take a unique approach to the sports media world by including the fans thoughts and opinions instead of ignoring them.

You can find us on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and Google Podcasts. Also check us out on Twitter @Orionsportscast and on Instagram @Orion_Sportcast.

About The Guys

The Orion Sports cast is presented by Josh Egan, Brandon Waterhouse and Jarek More. All of 3 of them are avid sports fans and each bring their own unique perspective with their analysis and insights into the world of sports. Follow the guys on Twitter!

Brandon Waterhouse

Jarek More

Josh Egan