About Us


Who are we?

Three passionate sports fans who want to break into the sports industry in their own way, while also changing the narrative on the way sports are analysed. Looking at all sports, primarily hockey, and breaking down whats going on in the sporting world. We hope to breath unique and refreshing insight into what can sometimes be a boring and repetitive sports media world. We are fans and we make our content for the fans.

What do we do

  • Look into the action of all sports leagues and provide information, updates, insight and opinions into whats going on
  • A podcast twice a week that talks about everything in the sports world
  • Breakdowns of major news in our articles
  • Video series
  • Much more to come…

Our Team

Josh Egan-Host,Content Creator and Writer

Brandon Waterhouse-Co-Host and Content Creator

Matthew Fairclough-Co-Host

Mike Sotnick-Tech Support and Overall Good Guy